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By Denise Dillow, Youth Services Supervisor There are few books that are just so funny, I can’t help but laugh aloud! Zeke Meeks vs His Big Phony Cousin by D.L. Greenjust happens to be one of them. Zeke is a boy in 3rd grade who has some very interesting classmates. Zeke is not exactly in love with the thought of going to school or learning new things, so when Mr. McNutty assigns the students in Zeke’s class to do a report, Zeke volunteers to do his last. He has no idea what he is going to do for his report! He considers doing a fake report on making an invisible race car or rocket ship, that way nobody will be able to detect that he really doesn’t have an idea. Although, on second thought, he decides against that, idea afraid his teacher may punish him with no recess for a week. Zeke goes back to the drawing board and this time considers what he’s good at, perhaps that would make for a good report.  “I love to play video games” he thinks, and he asks his mom if he can do his report on how great he is at playing video games. She tells him that playing video games doesn’t count. While he is trying to figure out what he is going to do for his school report, he watches as his classmates show their perfected projects each day at school. He hopes to maybe snag an idea or two from them while he nervously waits his turn. Some of their projects include a robot who obeys commands, a nail polish collection, and a sculpture made from dog doo – gross! Yet, Zeke still has no idea what to do! Meanwhile, his mom gives him some exciting news that his cousin Sam, Aunt Wanda, and Uncle Wesley are coming for a long visit. He is so excited because he hasn’t seen his cousin Sam in such a long time and he knows that they will have so much fun together. When his cousin, aunt, and uncle arrive, Zeke begins to change his mind. “Maybe this won’t be so fun after all,” he thinks. Aunt Wanda and Uncle Wesley brag and brag on how Sam can effortlessly read novels in just one day, play the violin, does the dirty dishes, and has such great manners! They encourage Zeke’s mom to send him to good manners class too, so that he will be more like Sam. Zeke thinks some things are just too good to be true and suspects Sam’s good manners and talents are bologna! He determines that he will get to the bottom of it if it takes him all week! The next day, Cousin Sam visits Zeke’s class at school, and boy was it a crazy day. From an out of control robot throwing pencils, rulers, and nail polish collections to yucky bugs on the loose, Zeke and Sam encounter some pretty funny situations.  Amidst all the chaos and hilarious mishaps, Sam’s true colors begin to show, and just in time for Zeke to write his report! This is such a great book for kids. It’s a humorous, quick read that will keep kids (and parents) laughing out loud. Not only is the story entertaining but there are a ton of great illustrations on almost every page. And, this is just for the kids, if you ever need to play hooky there’s a recipe for fake vomit, too. What more could you ask for in a book? Check out Zeke Meek vs. His Big Phony Cousin and other titles from the Zeke Meek series by visiting thebookplace.org or BCPL Mobile.

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