Tools for Teachers

Have a librarian visit your school!

The Youth Services librarians will come visit your classroom, with services ranging from booktalks, research instruction, general library information, unit activities based around a unit you are already doing and everything in between. Call (606) 329-0518, ext. 1310, to schedule an appointment.

Tour the library! Bring your class to the library for an instructional activity and tour. Learn about what we do here at BCPL and how we are here to help you! We’d be happy to have you! Call (606) 329-0518, ext. 1310, to schedule an appointment.

The library has an Ellison Die-Cut machine and a collection of dies at the main library, and it is available for teachers to use. Call (606) 329-0518, ext 1301, to schedule an appointment to use the machine. (You are welcome to use our die-cuts, but please bring your own paper.)

Have students that need a little extra help? Be sure to refer them to the library website – we offer live homework help from! It’s free with your BCPL library card and available to students from grades K through 12, as well as adult learners. Available 7 days a week from 2 PM to 11 PM.

Facts on File World News Digest features special tools for Educators as well. With more than 65 years of comprehensive, accurate and focused coverage of U.S. and international events, written weekly as they unfolded, the Facts On File World News Digest is an ideal tool for researching and teaching about the world we live in. The Curriculum Tools provide supplementary features that help both students and teachers get the most out of the information available in the database and put it to use. Teachers will find a wide variety of creative classroom activities and homework assignments, as well as helpful guides to teaching with the Facts On File World News Digest.
Student Research Center features a specialized section for educators. By simply clicking on the tab you can access:

Novelist Plus & Novelist K-8 provides educators with the ability to find books and materials sorted by Lexile level, locate series information quickly and provides full-text, in-depth reviews from sources such as School Library Journal and Booklist. Novelist K-8 has a “Working with Kids” section that provides single location to access all of the curricular materials such as Grab and Go Book Lists, BookTalks, Picture Book Extenders and more.

Gale offers educators free lesson plans that correspond with our database subscriptions. You may use any of the lessons plans offered. To correspond with the Library’s subscriptions please select from:

  • Contemporary Literary Criticism
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
  • World History In Context
  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context
  • Science in Context
  • U.S. History in Context

Gale databases can also have their articles searched by Lexile level – simply click on the Advanced Search feature – scroll to the bottom of the page, and set your Lexile limits:

Alternately, you can search Gale articles based on Content Level: Basic equates to elementary, Intermediate equates to middle school, and Advanced equates to high school reading comprehension.

Science in Context features the Science Standards search of full-text results linked to national and state science standards for grades 9-12. Science Standards allows educators to search for content aligned to the most current state and national high school science standards. Standards are linked to one or more Gale vocabulary subjects, creating a dynamic search that will change as new content is added. You’ll find:

  • National Science Education Standards links
  • Project 2061 Benchmarks for Science Literacy links
  • Customized links to state standards
  • Individual sets of state standards are listed and detailed, with aligned Science Resource Center results automatically linked and ready for your review

National Geographic offers a few prebuilt lesson plans for educators:

PebbleGo from Capstone Digital is an award winning Pre-K to Grade 3 database for reading and research.  PebbleGo offer several Educator Resources including:

World Book Classroom – Dramatic Learning is a database specifically designed for educators. Teachers will find lesson plans, reproducible plays, scripts, programs, posters, and so much more in this dynamic resource. Assessment rubrics & curriculum correlations are provided. Available plays can be sorted by topic or grade level and are keyword searchable. Enhance your classes learning experience with Dramatic Learning.

Tumblebook Unit Plans – Use TumbleBooks’ Unit Plans to help integrate TumbleBooks into your classroom! Each Unit Plan features specific Tumblebooks you can use in your classroom. Remember, Tumblebooks have unlimited simultaneous use – so your whole classroom can work on a unit together!