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Emma Forrest is 33 years old, and the film rights to her memoir, Your Voice In My Head, have already been acquired. At 13 she was writing stories for the London Evening Standard. At 16 she had her own column in the Sunday Times. She was contributing to the Guardian, Vogue, Vanity Fair, and the Independent by the age of 21. At 22 she published her first book, Namedropper. It was very well received, as were the other two novels that followed. She is also an accomplished screenwriter.

Though she’s had many successes, she struggles with mental illness. Her psychiatrist, Dr. R, treated her after a suicide attempt. She credits him with saving her life. Unfortunately, he died suddenly of cancer. Your Voice In My Head is a tribute to her therapist, and an attempt to remember his guidance as she navigates “those cold, deep patches of the sea where people lose their lives.” It’s as much about self-preservation without him as it is about honoring his great work.

This book has gained a lot of attention for her relationship with actor Colin Farrell. She intimately describes how intensely he loved her, how he charmed her family, how his desires for their future became her desires, and the immediacy of his leaving and detachment from her. She never uses his name in the book, referring to him as her gypsy husband.

Her personal account of depression is irreverent, honest, and funny. In writing her story the way she did, there is a thread of recognition in her pain, whether or not you’ve been enveloped by it before yourself. Even buried under the debilitating weight of something that not everyone can understand, she manages to show you that we all connect somewhere, despite the fact that our way out of those places can take very different turns.

Click on the link below for a short video of Emma discussing her book.

Emma Forrest interview on Your Voice In My Head

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