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by Debbie Cosper, BCPL Directorabc blocks

Those of us who work in a library – like those in other career fields – are guilty of periodically (pun intended) using jargon that’s often not used by the rest of the world. So, I thought I would take a few minutes to define some BCPL “library-ese” for all of you”

Boyd County Public Library: consists of four locations: Main in Ashland, Catlettsburg Branch, Kyova Branch, and Outreach Center (which is closed to public access); it is governed by the Board of Trustees, lead by the library director, guided by 10 supervisors, and run by about 40 staff members.

Branches: the three locations other than Main Library, are Catlettsburg, Kyova, and Outreach.

Catalog: this used to be the card catalog; now it is an electronic database which includes what the library has on the shelves at all locations plus what we have digitally.  It is also known as PAC (public access catalog).

Check-out: the process of adding an item to a borrower’s account so he/she can take the item home.

Check-in: the process of taking an item off a borrower’s account when it is brought back to the library.

Children’s Room: the basement area of Main Library dedicated to serving kids; it’s the place where the new fish tank is.

Circulation Services: the term librarians use for books and materials going in and out.

Facilities Services: the group of staff who keep the buildings and grounds clean and functioning.

Friends: an independent group dedicated to supporting library services through book sales or other fund raisers and by volunteering when extra help is needed for events. Official name is BCPL Friends.

Front Desk: also known as The Circulation Desk, or Circ Desk, for short.

Genealogy Services: where we keep the dead people … well, actually, information about area ancestors and their history.

Interlibrary Loan: a.k.a. ILL; getting an item from a library not in Boyd County – from across the state to across the country, and even “across the pond.”

Information Services: formerly the Reference Department; it’s still a place to get your questions answered but it is also the department that helps patrons locate the best website, learn how to use non-book resources, download materials, or get a book from another library.

Library Commons: the green space between the Reading Garden and the Tennis Courts belonging to the City of Ashland (they did such a great job).

Outreach: services provided to homebound patrons by application only; staff is located at the former Summit Branch (which is closed to public access).

Patron, User, Borrower, Customer: people who come in to use the library. At BCPL, we refer to people as Patrons, Borrowers, and Users.

Reading Garden: the lovely outdoor space at the Main Library.

Technical Services: the department that oversees the selection, purchase, and delivery of materials, and is also responsible for describing the item and adding it to the library’s catalog so people can find what they are looking for.

Youth Services: the department that focuses services and materials on patrons from birth through high school; in also includes The Children’s Room.



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