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By Kellie Nunley, Technical Services Supervisor

The journey of books, movies, games, music and periodicals to the shelves of BCPL and finally to your home is an interesting one, and one that would not be possible without your help.

The journey begins with the selection process. Popular authors such as John Grisham or James Patterson are on what is referred to in the library world as a standing order, meaning that new titles are automatically shipped to the library upon release. BCPL’s Collection Team also gets together often and selects materials they believe will be a great addition to BCPL’s ever-growing collection based on current reviews, item popularity and most importantly, patron input. Patrons are what drive the popularity of an author, director or artist. The number of hold requests for an item indicates to staff that the item is in demand and that more copies need purchased or that a specific author should be added to standing order. Patron comments guide the collection team to discover new books, movies, games and music and ultimately put titles on the shelves that you’ve asked for.

Have a specific title in mind that you would love to see on the shelves? It’s so easy! All you have to do is submit a materials request form, which can be found on BCPL’s website, BCPL Mobile, or a paper request form available at all BCPL branches. Patrons can request anything from eBooks, magazines, MP3’s – the list goes on. Not only can you tell BCPL what titles you want on the shelves or your mobile device, but when the item arrives you get to try it out first!

After the selection process (thank you for your help by the way) the items are then ordered and shipped to the Main Branch. When the parade of boxes arrives to the Library the goodies are unpacked, cataloged and processed by the crew in Technical Services. Each item is given a unique number so that it can be found in the catalog and are then distributed among all three branches where they wait for you to take them home.

On your next visit to the Library, take time to admire all of your hard work! Explore the shelves knowing that all items in the BCPL catalog are there not only for you but because of you. From the latest best seller to your favorite classic novel, the final season of Breaking Bad to Gone with the Wind, the latest Xbox game and even the many experiences that are available through Checkout Your Community; everything is available for checkout because you asked for it. So go ahead, tell us what you want. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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