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Anybody who doesn’t know there’s an election coming up in less than two weeks has either been hibernating the past few months, or lives in a world with no television, radio or newspapers.

Candidates for state and national offices, and the groups that support them, have been flooding the media with their messages for months, with increasing frequency. The candidates for U.S. president and vice-president have debated the issues on national television multiple times.

If you’ve listened to it all, or even a part of it, your head is probably swimming. We at Boyd County Public Library hope  the new Vote 2012 portion of our website can help you sort it all out – from the federal level to the local races.

Vote 2012 is a place where you can go to find information you need about the upcoming election, including how to register and where to vote. You can also see a Boyd County sample ballot there.

It’s easy to find. Just click on the Vote 2012 graphic on the top of this page. It’s available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

And since thebookplace.org is a responsive website, it will display a customized version of the full website for whatever device is accessing it.

A couple of topics are probably of particular interest to Boyd County voters: the Congressional districting changes; and the special election in the 4th Congressional District.

After every U.S. Census, state legislatures across the country must redraw district lines, based on the updated population figures. This year, the Kentucky General Assembly redrew the state’s six Congressional districts, resulting in Boyd County being split. Most precincts still vote in the 4th Congressional District, but some now vote in the 5th District. Do you want to find out where your precinct fell during the redraw? You can look it up in the Vote 2012 section of thebookplace.org.

The General Assembly did not reach an agreement on how to change the state Senate and House districts before the 2012 session ended, and will take that issue up again when they return to Frankfort this winter.

The 4th Congressional District race this fall has a couple other interesting twists. Because US. Rep. Geoff Davis resigned his seat in Congress in July, citing family health issues, there is a special election to fill the seat until January 3. All Boyd County voters are eligible to vote in the special election, for either Bill Adkins (D), Thomas Massie (R), or David Lewis (Ind).

Voters living in the newly redrawn District 4 will also choose between those three candidates in the General Election – for someone to fill the seat for a full two-year term beginning Jan. 3.

Confusing? Yes. But that’s where we hope Vote 2012 will help you.

And please check out one of our newer online resources: MyGovernment. It provides in-depth biographies and contact information for all your elected politicians; what bills they voted on; and the committees and caucuses they serve on. You can search for legislators and executives who work directly on issues that matter to you.

MyGovernment also has basic government information, such as how laws are made, how to become a U.S. citizen, and other useful links.

We hope you like Vote 2012, and find it helpful in sorting through all the information.

Hang in there – it’s almost Election Day!


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