The Rocking & Roaring Twenties

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I’ve always had a fascination with history, especially the fashions! However the American 1920’s have never really caught my fancy. Lately however I have found myself reading a fair amount of ‘20’s related literature.

After a disappointing long-awaited end to a book series ( seriously…long like since I was 15 and I am…er….older now), I promised myself no more series, and certainly not any that were still in the process of being written. A week later I promptly got caught up in “Flappers”, Jillian Larkin’s new fiction series for young adults, that she is still in the process of writing (way to stick to my guns me.).

These books follow a cast of young people through their 20’s era misadventures, intrigues, and romances. The first two books “Vixen” and “Ingénue” (call numbers: F LARKI, in the Young Adult section) are on our shelves now. Unfortunately the newest book, “Diva” won’t be out until summer 2012, but with a title like that, it’s sure to be good…even if it is part of a series.

Another surprisingly intriguing book I’ve come across on our non-fiction shelves is “Peaches & Daddy”, which chronicles the relationship of a 1920’s variation on Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. While delving into some of the “Shocking!” details of this extreme May/December marriage, the book looks at censorship, freedom of speech, and how our current frenzy of tabloid media grew out of the era of prohibition.

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