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I got a chance to see The Artist this weekend and hope the Library picks up a copy when it comes out on DVD in April. While I loved the film I’m a little reticent to recommend it widely but, if you love old movies, great performances, and aren’t afraid of silence, it’s a great movie. The movie is set at the time in Hollywood’s history when talkies were created and the old silent stars were being dismissed for fresher faces with voices. Old time movie star, George Valentin (think Doug Fairbanks, Sr. with dance moves) is quickly cast aside by the new trend while newcomer Peppy Miller shoots straight to the top. The movie is almost totally silent and the silence is used well to accent the story. Jean Dujardin is brilliant the happy-go-lucky star watches his world fall apart around him. An original story idea, told in an original manner and a delight.

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