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BCPL Teens

The Teen Library Council (TLC) is a dedicated group of teens ages 13-18 who meet monthly with Elizabeth Crawford, Youth Services Supervisor and other staff to:

  • Discuss and recommend books, movies, music, and more.
  • Help plan selected library programs.
  • Give input on library issues related to teens.
  • Promote reading.
  • Promote use of the library.
  • Promote teen activities.

The Teen Library Council (TLC) requires a commitment and application.

The Commitment

  • Attendance– The TLC usually meets from 7:00-7:45 pm on the second or third Tuesday of every month from September through May. Each member must attend ONE of these meetings each month.

  • Recommended Reads– Each council member must be in the habit or recreational reading so they can nominate at least ONE book per year to be added to our Young Adult Recommended Reads list. You will nominate your book a meeting to the other members and a silent vote will be taken. Majority vote gets your book added to the list for the next month.

  • Events– The library has many events we plan or participate in throughout the year. As a member of TLC you will be required to volunteer to help with at least TWO library events. A list of events, dates and times will be provided in September for the upcoming year. This will require time outside of normal monthly meetings.

  • Promotions– Being a member of the libraries TLC makes you a representative of the library to our community. Various projects throughout the year will require your participation such as our Recommended Reads list, video book reviews and “secret shopping” our online tutoring service for effectiveness. Each member will be required to help with at least ONE of these projects during the year.

If attendance is good (no more than two missed meetings per year) and all other requirements are met, membership is renewable for the duration of a student’s middle school and high school years. This provides consistency and continuity and allows the Council to develop as a team. As members graduate or drop off, spaces open up for new members, providing a fresh perspective each year.

The Application Process

New TLC members are accepted each year based on the results of a written application and an interview conducted by Elizabeth . Criteria for selection include:

  • A desire to promote reading.
  • A desire to support the library.
  • The ability to work cooperatively with people of various ages and backgrounds.
  • The ability to fulfill the requirements as listed above.

We strive to maintain age, gender, and school balance on the Council and to select enthusiastic members with a good variety of personalities, skills, and interests.

If you would like to apply to be on the Teen Library Council, please complete the online application (HERE) by September 7. Paper applications are also available.

Questions? Please contact Elizabeth Crawford, Youth Services Supervisor, at 606-329-0518 ext. 1310 or [email protected]

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