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Staying in touch with your library has never been easier.

We offer lots of ways – including new text notification – to receive information about items you have on hold, reminders when those items are due, and updates on all our great programs and services.

We’ve been on the Internet for about a dozen years now, and keep this iBranch updated with all the library events, new services and databases, as well as reviews of books, movies and square_facebook

We also use several social media platforms to get the word out to library users and non-users (whom we would like to become regular users!). Our Facebook page is We’re also on Twitter (BoydLibrary), Pinterest (boydlibrary) and Instagram (thebookplace). So, wherever you are in the communications world, we are there.

Our online catalog is linked to the social media world, too. When you use the catalog to look for an item and/or place it on hold, you can either “share it,” “map it” or “text it” by using the corresponding icons located on the page. “Share It” will share your catalog search with others using email, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogger or Google; “Map It” uses Google maps to show you the exact location of the item you seek (Main, Catlettsburg or Kyova branch); and “Text It” allows you to send yourself a text with the item’s call number, in case you don’t have time, or paper and pen, to write it down while you’re searching.catalog features digital board

Now, our texting options go one step further. You can sign up at any front desk for our circulation texting service, and you’ll get texts for items you have on hold, overdue notices and almost-due reminders. Many people currently get those notices via email, but receiving them on your phone is even handier. Phone … hand … get it?

The new text marketing service is designed to let people know about upcoming programs and new services. For this one, you have to “opt in” by texting thebookplace (all one word, all lower case – just like our web site address) to 40518. We’ll typically send 2-3 texts a week.

As will all texting services, message and data rates may apply, and you can text STOP to cancel at any time

The text notification services are just another way we are trying to make it easier to stay in touch with BCPL. Stay tuned!! In the coming months, we will be launching a cool, easy-to-use Boyd County Public Library app for iPhones, droids and other smartphones. Then, you will literally have the library in the palm of your hand.


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