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We are constantly trying to make our iBranch, also known as our fourth branch, the most user-friendly, helpful library website around. With more than 40 online databases, offering everything from free music and book downloads, to homework help, to language learning, we think we do a pretty good job of getting cool services to our patrons.

But the most used part of our site is our catalog – where you go to search our entire collection to find and reserve the item(s) you need. The catalog recently got a few cool, new features:

  • First, there is “Share it,” which lets you share your catalog search with others using email, Facebook or other social networking site. All you have to do it click the “Share” icon to the left of your search results.
  • Then, there’s Map it,” which uses Google maps to show the location of available items throughout the district, how many copies are available, and can even give you driving directions to the branch you need.
  • The last one is called the “Text it” feature. To select this one, just click on the cell phone image after clicking on the Availability tab. The feature will immediately text the title and call number of your search item to your cell phone. This means you don’t have to write down the information – you can just pull out your phone and read the text when you get to the library to locate the item(s). It’s convenient, and a greener way to go!
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