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Reviewed by Denise Dillow, youth services supervisor at Boyd County Public Library

Do you have what it takes to be a ninja detective? Do you have martial arts skills like Bruce Lee and investigative skills like Sherlock Holmes? If you do, then you are in good company with Randi Rhodes, the main character in Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective: The Case of the Time-Capsule Bandit.

The book is the first novel by Octavia Spencer, who won the Academy Award for best supporting actress in 2012 for her role “The Help.” It is planned as a series, geared toward middle school readers, but anyone would enjoy it.

Twelve-year old Miranda Rhodes enjoys her life in Brooklyn as a young vigilante, solving community crimes that the police will not even bother with, including littering, bullying and stealing plants from neighbors’ gardens. She catches the criminals in the act and then sends them an incriminating photo threatening to pass it along to others in the neighborhood if they refuse to cease their crimes. She signs it from “Glenn Street”, the detective in her father’s best-selling novels. No one suspects that she is actually the crime stopping heroine.

Randi’s world changes when her father retires from writing and moves them to Deer Creek, Tennessee. Randi meets new friends, D.C. and Pudge, as she adjusts to small town life and a totally different environment. The three friends share a desire to be ninjas and have an opportunity to join forces to solve the mystery of the missing time capsule that is the centerpiece of the Founders’ Day Festival.

The town’s survival depends on the festival. Without the time capsule, the town will not make it. Randi and her friends must solve the mystery and help save the town. The ninja detectives suspect mean old Angus McCarthy is the culprit. Will their suspicions be confirmed?

Randi has many exciting adventures in her new town including being a contestant in the Deer Creek Miss Catfish Pageant. Will her talent win the title? Will she be crowned Miss Catfish? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Readers of this story will enjoy an action-packed experience. Throughout the novel, readers are given the opportunity to perform their very own ninja tasks by turning to certain pages in the Appendix containing tips on conducting a stakeout, getting rid of skunk stink, how to make Mrs. Cruz’s Chocolate-Drizzled Caramel  Apples, and much more! If you have ever wanted to know how to eavesdrop, collect dusty footprints, and hone your detective skills, then you will definitely enjoy this book!

You can find it on the shelves of Boyd County Public Library. Or put a hold on it by going to our catalog.

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