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Posting a blog is really simple.  The process is the same for both staff blogs and public blogs.  The only difference is in the category checked when writing the blog.  The category is important because it tells the blog where to go and who can view it.

The Process

  1. Login at
  2. In the Staff Extranet click Post Blog located in the navigation menu
  3. Add a title
  4. Write your content and add images using the Upload/Insert links (Read about using images here)
  5. Click the checkbox next to the appropriate category
  6. Add Tags(optional)
  7. Add links to our catalog using the Polaris Links section
  8. Click Publish

Thats it!  Your blog will then be published to the category you choose and viewable by staff or patrons.

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A note about categories:the “Uncategorized” category is not used and will not display your blog anywhere on our website.  Anything placed in the “Staff Extranet” category will be viewable only by staff.  Posts in any other category will not only be viewable by patrons on our website, but a link will automatically post to our Facbook page.

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