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Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

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Being the mother of a rambunctious toddler, I don’t get to the movie theater much.  In fact, I think I’ve seen one other movie the entire time the booger has been alive.


However! I could NOT wait to see Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters – so when I had a half-day at work, I went that afternoon to the theater (bonus! it’s much cheaper in the daytime).

I am a HUGE fan of Rick Riordan’s books, and I really liked the first film (Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – which can be checked out from the Library).  I was really hoping this second film would live up to the book. I was NOT disappointed!

The film stuck to the plot of the book and followed Percy, Grover and Annabeth on a quest to find the mythical Golden Fleece to heal Thalia (the large tree that creates and sustains the invisible border around Camp Half-Blood).  Percy must face his nemesis Luke, son of Hermes, to fight for the Fleece and keep Kronos – Lord of the Titans from rising.

It’s a hair raising adventure with great special effects, casting and of course – plot!

I recommend you get to the theaters ASAP to catch the film! But if you want to wait – the Library will of course be purchasing the DVDs and Blu-Ray when they are released.


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  1. Amanda Gilmore Amanda Gilmore says:

    I saw it with my 10-year-old (we both loved it!). We spent a lot of time comparing the characters to those in the Harry Potter series.

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