Money Smart programs

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money smart week

by Amanda Gilmore, BCPL community relations coordinator Did you know there’s more than one type of smart? There’s “book smart,” of course, an area in which libraries can help a lot. There’s also “street smart,” an area where the library might not be the best expert. But what about “money smart?” Do you know what that is, and that the library can go a long way toward helping you achieve a high level of “money smartness?” First, we have books … Continue reading

Zero client experiment

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By Leigh Scaggs, network administrator Such a short sweep of time; such an enormous sweep of change. When I came to work at the library very few people had computers in their homes or any real contact with computers. These days I listen to grandmothers on devices they carry in their pocket talking to a grandchild and watching a live feed of that grandchild’s birthday party being held halfway around the world. Broadcast television, which once seemed to be an … Continue reading

Zinio online magazines

Zinio_WebBanner Scaled

Zinio Online Magazines View full digital copies of your favorite magazines! Boyd County Public Library subscribes to 224 titles (see list). You see the exact same material you get in print‚ plus some issues include features like video, audio and live links. Magazine issues are not checked out so they’re always available any time. Read online or download issues to your computer or mobile device to read offline. You must have a current  Boyd County Public Library card to use this … Continue reading

Share your poetic side

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april is poetry month

From the nursery rhymes we learned as kids, to the graffiti we see plastered on buildings, to the more serious and thought-provoking stanzas we encounter in our adult reading, poetry is everywhere. Poetry captures our moods, inspires our thoughts and urges us on. It makes us laugh and cry – sometimes within the same group of lines. April is a month to celebrate poetry. The Academy of American Poets launched National Poetry Month in 1996 to celebrate poetry’s vital place in … Continue reading

Lots of ways to help job seekers

March 22, 2013 by  

job mouse help

Boyd County Public Library has some great resources for anyone currently in the market for a new job. The Job & Career Accelerator component of Learning Express Library, one of our many online databases, can help job seekers in lots of ways. First, you can use it to determine which types of jobs are best suited to your individual skills, and see what types of training, continuing education and exams might be required for that new career path. Job & … Continue reading

Check out the museum!

March 8, 2013 by  

museum pass program

BCPL card holders can now use that powerful piece of plastic to visit the Highlands Museum & Discovery Center – free of charge. We recently added family museum memberships to the extensive list of items that cardholders can check out. The family pass (a $75 value) can be checked out for 21 days, just like a book, and can be renewed one time. It’s a great way to explore the wonderful museum, located at 1620 Winchester Ave., just a couple blocks … Continue reading

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