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At the Library, we are huge believers in the importance of developing reading skills in children, at an early an age as possible. The more children read – or are read to – the better readers they will become. Plain and simple.

That’s why BCPL places such an emphasis on early reading programs. We offer a  Toddler Time program at all three branches, and a Preschool Story Time at both Main and Kyova. And now we’re trying to make it easier for parents to remember to bring their little ones to the library – by setting a uniform time of 1:30 p.m. for all of our story time programs (starting in September).

Toddler Time, which consists of short books, singing and dancing for those just starting to walk through age 3, will be at Catlettsburg on Mondays, Main on Wednesdays, and Kyova on Fridays.

Preschool Story Time, a slightly longer program for kids ages 3-5 featuring books, songs and games, is at Kyova on Tuesdays, and Main on Thursdays.

What time? 1:30 p.m. Which ones? All of them.

How easy is that?

As a parent, one of the best things you can do to give your child a lifelong love of reading is read to them, or with them. The more they enjoy reading, the more they will stick with it and develop the reading skills they need in their later lives. Studies show that accomplished readers will do better in high school, score higher on their SATs, and have an easier time in college than others.

Reading to toddlers also helps them advance their verbal communication skills. Even though they don’t yet understand the words, toddlers do absorb something. Reading to toddlers enhances the development of their spoken language skills, and their ability to express themselves verbally.

If you want to raise a child who appreciates books, then start reading to them now. Or bring them to the Library, and let us read to them. Helping a child to become a reader is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give. It’s a gift that continues to pay off throughout a child’s life.

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