Boyd County Public Library is proud to present a new resource that will help you find out the Who, What and Where of our government – MyGovernment

MyGovernment will show you all your elected politicians, from the President to the local munipialities.  It provides contact information, in-depth biographies and much more.  MyGovernment’s interface is available in both English and Spanish.  With MyGovernment you have access to the same information as professional lobbyists.

Want to know what bills your Senator is voting on? MyGovernment can tell you.

Want to know who to contact about your local concerns? MyGovernment can tell you.

MyGovernment’s “HOME” tab provides a Tips & Resources box that provides quick and easy access to basic government information including:
• Basic Guide to U.S. Government
• How Laws are Made in Congress
• How to Contact your Legislators
• Guide to Becoming a U.S. Citizen
• Useful Links & Websites

WHO. The ‘Who’ tab provides candidate data including basic information from address and phone number to more in-depth material including:
• religion
• number of children
• military service
• past occupations
• committees and caucuses

WHAT. Users can search for legislators and executives that work directly on issues that matter to them.

WHERE. A complete list of elected officials is available based on zip code. From the President down to local county or municipal officials, users get contact information, background and biographical data, photos for many legislators and elected officials, and which bills they sponsor and their stance on key issues.

Try MyGovernment today!

MyGovernment can currently only be used at one of our library branches.  Remote access is not yet available.

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