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Are you single? In a relationship? Is it complicated?blind date

No matter your relationship status, we have a great February suggestion for you – go on a blind date.

That’s right. Have a mysterious assignation, an unexpected rendez-vous. Have as many as you like – all at the library. It’s go on a Blind Date with a Book month at BCPL.

Are you up for it? Good. Just look for the display of books wrapped in brown paper – at either the Main on Kyova branches. Will it be romance? Non-fiction? A mystery? Science fiction?  You won’t know the identity of your book until you check it out, take it home and unwrap it. (Thanks to our radio frequency identification system, books can be scanned while still wrapped.) Large-print items will be identified on the wrapper.

Once you get your date home, spend some time getting to know it. (You can have 21 days and one renewal, if you need it). There will be no uncomfortable questions to answer, no awkward lulls in the conversation. There’s not even any need to get dressed up – going on this date in your pajamas is perfectly acceptable.

Sure, you might be disappointed with your date. That happens. But then again, you may end up having a great time with something you would otherwise never have ventured to meet (read).

When you are finished with your date, make sure you fill out the Rate Your Date slip found inside the book and drop it off at the library. With each entry, you are entered into a drawing for dinner and a movie for two!

If you’d like, please give us some comments about your date – we will post those online, so others can decide if they want to go out with the same date

Even if one date turns out to be a dud, don’t despair (and don’t worry – its feelings won’t be hurt). All is not lost! You can go out on as many blind dates during the month as you’d like, and each time you can enter the drawing.

So, c’mon … give the Blind Date with a Book a chance. You might get lucky – if not in love, then perhaps in literature.


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