Boyd County Public Library District welcomes comments on individual items from members of the community. Suggestions for reconsidering material(s) already in the collection must be made in writing or via this electronic form. Suggestions in all circumstances will be considered following the guidelines of the Collection Management Plan. An individual requesting reconsideration of material must complete and electronically sign the “Request for Reconsideration of Library Material” form. During the review period of the item under reconsideration, all copies of the item will still be made available to the public. Items will not be marked or identified to show approval or disapproval of the contents nor will they be sequestered except to protect them from theft or mutilation. Professional Review of Material The Library Director is responsible for conducting a prompt and objective review of each “Request for Reconsideration.” 1. Key criteria throughout the review shall be the extent to which the material in question furthers the Mission/Roles of Boyd County Public Library District, as amplified by the guidelines of the Collection Management Plan. 2. The Library Director will read/listen to/view the material in question. 3. In conducting the review, the Library Director may utilize the expertise of Boyd County Public Library District staff or other qualified individuals. 4. When appropriate, the Library Director will solicit opinions from other sources, including review of the material in question published in both professional library journals and popular periodicals. 5. On completion of the review, the decision of the Library Director will be one of the following: a) retain the material in the collection. b) retain the material but relocate it to a more appropriate section of the collection. c) balance the collection by adding new material providing an offsetting perspective. d) remove the material in question from the collection. Response to Reconsideration Request The person(s) submitting the “Request for Reconsideration” will be informed, in writing, of the results of the review and the resulting decision by the Library Director within two weeks of receipt of the “Request” in the library. Should circumstances prevent response within two weeks, the person(s) signing the “Request” will be notified, in writing, of the delay and the expected date the review will be completed. Copies of all correspondence will be provided to the Board of Trustees at its next regular meeting. Appeal to Board of Trustees Should the person(s) making the “Request for Reconsideration” not be satisfied with the results of the Library Director’s review, an appeal may be made to the Board of Trustees within fifteen calendar days of receipt of the review. The appeal must be in writing and include a copy of the original “Request for Reconsideration” showing the decision by the Library Director. The Library Director will notify the President of the Board of Trustees that an appeal has been filed. Consideration of Appeal The President of the Board of Trustees will schedule the Appeal for Consideration by the full Board no later than the second regular monthly meeting following the date the Appeal was received in the library. The person(s) making the appeal will be notified, in writing, of the meeting time and place. Public notice of the meeting shall be given in the usual manner and all Board proceedings considering the appeal shall be open to the public. 1. Within five working days of receipt of the Appeal, the Library Director shall provide each member of the Board of Trustees with copies of all information considered during the review, and will provide sufficient opportunity for each Board member to read/listen to/view the material in question. 2. The President of the Board of Trustees may require the person(s) appealing to provide notice at least a week before the scheduled meeting of any new information that was not considered during the review and any additional persons who wish to speak at the scheduled meeting. 3. The President of the Board of Trustees is responsible for conducting the appeal portion of the Board meeting in such a manner that allows all points of view to be given fair hearing. A quorum of the Board (three members) must be present during all considerations of the appeal. 4. Length of presentations by individual speakers may be limited by the President. 5. A majority of all five Board members must agree on any action to uphold, alter, or override the results/decision of the professional review by the Library Director.

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