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I watched The Immortals for the first time with my husband on DVD the other evening; neither of us were terribly impressed.  The film started out slow and did eventually move into some action packed fighting.  However, the kicker for me was the inaccuracy of the film with regards to its mythological foundation.
The premise is Theseus is a bastard, born to his mother after she was raped in a small Grecian village.  Unbeknownst to Theseus, his friend and mentor is actual Zeus (leader of the Gods) in disguise.  Theseus learns to fight from Zeus and eventually he faces Hyperion in his search to find the Epirus Bow and defeat all of Greece.  Meanwhile the Gods must fight the Titans whom Hyperion has released from their imprisonment in Mount Tartarus.

It wasn’t a bad film, but it certainly wasn’t what I would call a must-see thriller either.  The film ends with Theseus defeating Hyperion (of course), but dying in the process and being transported to live alongside the Gods and fight for them in the coming war.  We also see Theseus young son, Acamas, who has visions of Theseus fighting for the Gods; Acamas is the son of the Oracle and Theseus and seems to have inherited his mother’s visions.

It’s definitely worth a borrow if you like war movies, but if you’re a huge mythology buff some of the inconsistencies may get under your skin.

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