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These are a few of the nearly 200 comments we received from patrons when we asked “How has the library helped you?” We are sharing all the comments with our local legislators in Frankfort on Legislative Day 2012 (Wednesday, March 7), but they are good comments to keep in mind year-round!

  • “I am the mother of a two-year-old, who just recently stared going to the library. I recently lost my job and don’t have the money to buy new books for her. She really enjoys the children’s activities and it has really helped us. It is a good way to spend time together.”
  • “I love reading stories and doing crafts at story time. They are always getting new books for our family to read. The people at the library are nice,” — Ian, age 4.
  • “I grew up in the Ashland Library in the 50s and 60s. And now I take my two granddaughters to many activities and to check out books at the same Ashland library. Reading and the love of learning are the two most important academic skills a person can learn. We need our libraries!” – Jane, Ashland.
  • “The library has been great for my daughter. The library has encouraged my daughter to read instead of watching TV.”
  •  “The public library system is absolutely essential for small town Kentuckians who want to compete on any level globally.”
  • “Technology may have passed by my 82-year-old mother, but because she has the library support, she feels connected to the world around her.”
  • “I can get AR books for my kids! Libraries are lifesavers! – Julie Burke
  • “The Library is awesome! Books in print will never die as long as libraries exist. I love my books!”
  • “I couldn’t live without my library. I have been coming here wince I was a child. It got me through high school and college. I am now 58 and hope it will get me through my old age, too!”
  • “If it hadn’t been for the Library, my daughter wouldn’t have had the love of reading, she wouldn’t have had her college paid for, and wouldn’t have been in grad school now… Thank God for our library” – Deanna Smith
  • “No one can put into words what all libraries do for everyone.”
  • “I am a retired college teacher and depend on the library during my retirement … the library is my main source of entertainment and knowledge. I depend on this library to help me each day.” – Jim Caudill, Ashland
  • “Our local library is our favorite place to go now. During this time of economic hardship, and everything going up in price, the library is a great place to go for our favorite books and movies. My grandchildren, who love books, love our Ashland library.”
  • “The library provides a safe place for me to study” – Frances, age 15.
  • “Knowledge!” – Robert Long
  • “I have cards to six libraries. Boyd County Public Library is the best I’ve ever patronized.”
  • “Without this library, I would have no access to a fax machine or the internet. Thank you!” – Stacy Wheeler
  • “I love that Boyd County Public Library is very responsive to my acquisition requests.” – Heather Watson
  • “I love to read, new books and old. Free makes it even better!” – Robert Flu
  • “The library is one of the building blocks of tomorrow’s success, and our children’s future.”
  • “The Library has become a part of our family events. Every summer we join the summer reading program and throughout the year we go as a family to different events.” – Glenn Hannover II
  • “The library is important to me because I need books for school and without the library. I’d have an F because there is no other way to get books for me.”
  • “Everyone is always so helpful and if the library doesn’t have what I want they always manage to get it from another library.” – Mary Rowland.
  • “I believe the library is a way for everyone, but more specifically, the poor to have access to books.”
  • “I have read thousands of books from the Library. It is a great place for young and old alike.” – Billy Queen, Ashland.
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