Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune

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If you’ve never read a Rick Riordan Young Adult (YA) novel – you’ve been missing out!

The Heroes of Olympus series picks up where the Percy Jackson novels left off, but with a twist.  We learn that not only do the Gods have children (demi-gods) in their Greek aspects, but they do so in their Roman aspects as well.

While we’ve become familiar with Camp Half-blood (the Greek demi-gods) we soon learn that there is another camp for the Roman demi-gods and in The Son of Neptune, Percy Jackson awakes from an 8 month slumber to be chased across the country by monsters and straight into their camp.  His memory has been erased, so he has no idea of who or what he is – he only remembers his name and a very vague memory of his girlfriend, Annabel.

Follow Percy on his new adventure and meet his new Roman demi-god friends (we’ll see a few familiar faces from the previous books too!) – Read the first chapter here.

The Son of Neptune is book 2 in the Heroes of Olympus series.  My recomendation is to read all of the Percy Jackson novels first, and then the Heroes of Olympus series.

Look for book 3 of the Heroes of Olympus Series – The Mark of Athena (Fall 2012)

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