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By Jim Kettel, BCPL genealogy supervisor

During Family History Month in October, we were able to showcase many of the treasures in the genealogy department.

Perhaps the neatest thing of all, from my perspective, was when we pulled out an old 16mm projector and showed some movies of Ashland from the 1930s and 1940s. What a treat that was, to sit there and watch the people in the movies pass by the camera in the period clothing on the streets of Ashland from so many years ago. Some of the movies were even in color!

One movie from the late 1930s showed an Armco Christmas event, with Santa talking to the kids and greeting the adults (how different Santa looked back then!). Another showed Armco Day at Camden Park in 1937.

Hearing the clickety-clack of the movie projector, seeing the images flickering on the movie screen, hearing the muffled comments of the people watching and eating snacks and drinks all brought back the memories of being at home with my parents watching our own home movies. We are working on getting these and other movies converted to digital format so they can be used by everyone. Do you have any old home movies of Ashland? Are they converted already to VHS or Digital? We would love a chance to see them here atgenealogy picture_15th and winchester_small the library.

In gathering pictures for the slideshow for the downtown area, I came across from terrific shots, such as the one here, of the 1500 block of Winchester Avenue in the late 1920s. Not a lot has changed in the 80 years since this was taken.

But I also realized we lack photographs for several other areas of Ashland: the 29th Street area from Winchester Avenue up to Belmont Street; Winchester from 29th to the Normal Area; The South Ashland Business district; Winchester from 12th Street to the viaduct, just to name a few. If you are aware of any photographs from these areas please let us know.

 We could also use some volunteers for some upcoming projects, including indexing obituaries, sorting and scanning. You name it, and we just might have a project you can help with.

As always, please stop by and take some time to look through our photograph collections, browse through our old newspapers on microfilm, research your family or thumb through old yearbooks (we have a large collection of school from in and around Ashland, Catlettsburg and Boyd County). You really don’t know what you might find until you look. You don’t have to wait until October Family History month to look; we’re open every day.

You can also find much of our collection, and access to databases, on this website. Just click here.



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