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By Debbie Cosper, BCPL Director

On March 26, Boyd County Public Library bade farewell to Community Relations Coordinator Amanda Gilmore as she left to begin her new career (editing stuff for some company).  During her ten years here, she made sure the library was marketed and promoted as much as possible, which is really great because I spent my first six months at BCPL without anyone to do that.

During my first week on the job I was wondering how I was going to handle all my new responsibilities and write press releases too.  (Something I had done before but wasn’t looking forward to doing again.)  While going through stuff in my office, I was delighted to discover a job description for Community Relations.

Not only was there a description, but there was money in the budget as well—always handy.  On the day of the interviews, the first few were…well…less than encouraging.  In fact one person’s answer to nearly everything was, “I can do that.  So let me tell you about something totally unrelated.”  It was discouraging.

Until, that is, we interviewed Amanda.  She was bright, energetic, and full of ideas.  So on February 1, 2004, Amanda Gilmore came to work for Boyd County Public Library.  And what a great choice that was!

Over the past ten years she promoted The Library in many diverse ways.  She created flyers, brochures, and pamphlets for programs and events.  Having come from a newspaper background it’s not surprising that she wrote excellent (and nearly always used) press releases.  The library was often featured on local television news, heard on the radio, and supported at on-site remotes.  She tried all kinds of marketing venues: ads wherever she could purchase space, billboards—print and electronic, local papers—large and small, t-shirts, and, most recently, restaurant coasters.

Amanda kick started and, recently revised, Read All About It, the library’s newsletter; sent to nearly 5,000 readers.  She started the library’s Facebook page and was a frequent contributor to our Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts.  And not too long ago, she had monitors installed at all locations to display library information and an occasional bit of humor.

All of these things kept the community informed on what was going on at The Library.  They also helped the library achieve Exemplary Status, exceed half a million checkouts, and brought a record number of people through the door.

More importantly, she demonstrated a genuine love and devotion to the library.  I truly enjoyed working with her.  She always had a good word to say, a genuine smile, and a good travel story.  She will be missed but I wish her the best on her new adventure.


Debbie Cosper

About Debbie Cosper

Director of Boyd County Public Library since August 2003. I have the best job in the world and hope people love The Library as much as I do.

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