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Gone by Michael GrantMichael Grant has created a world of children and teens.  Everyone 15 and older has disappeared from the town of Perdido Beach.  Just GONE.  And even more surprising are the mysterious powers that some of the kids are beginning to show.  Well, not just the children.  What happens when your world gets tipped over so that nothing is normal anymore?  Who do you turn to for leadership when the oldest person present is 14?

GONE is the first novel in the series and launches you on a journey like no other.  Follow the madness from GONE through HUNGER, LIES, PLAGUE, and the just released fifth book in the series: FEAR.   I haven’t read it yet, but you know it is on my list.  Bet you can’t read just one!

Leigh Scaggs

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A long time supporter of digital emancipation and proclaimer of obfuscatory testaments, I have been a proud supporter of bits and bytes for nearly 20 years. With that much chronological highway behind me I'm cognizant enough of the fact that advancing age does kill brain cells and observant enough to notice that it's only killing the weak ones.


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  1. Im on Hunger now, This is such a great book! The first one, Gone, was kind of slow at first but if you take some time it really drags you in. I’m going camping and I was planing on taking the next book, Lies, with me but it wont come in till after I get back from camp. bummer. But this is defiantly a must read for teens!!

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