About Our Genealogy Databases

Ashland Daily Independent Obituary Database

This database currently covers from July 1922 to Mar 1946, Then Jul 1970 through Dec 1974, and 1998 through 2010.

  • 1922-1946 was transcribed by library staff and is ongoing.
  • July 1970-1990 is being entered by volunteers. These records are being copied from the Rose Hill Cemetery obituary scrapbooks donated by Louise Price Hoy, PHD. These will eventually go through about 1990.
  • 1998-2005 were records digitally converted from material donated by Curtis Puckett. Curtis maintained yearly indexes to the Ashland Daily Independent from 1990 to 2005. The Indexes from 1998 to 2005 have been scanned, OCR’d (changed from a scanned image to editable text) and converted to the obituary format and merged with our obituary database. These are a wonderful addition to the database. They generally have the birth date, place and age added to the normal informtion. Some of the entries will not have converted completely and as a consequence will look weird (may have unusual characters)
  • The Genealogy Staff are maintaining the obituaries from July 2005 to the present.

Ashland Cemetery Database

In cooperation with the Ashland Cemetery, they provide a copy of their database on an annual basis. The Cemetery office had a fire sometime around 1900 and records prior to that are gone. The database contains burial records from around 1900 on. There are a few entries prior to 1900 that have been entered. For tombstone transcriptions prior to 1900 refer to the Boyd County Cemeteries Database.

Boyd County Cemeteries Database


Boyd County Marriages Database

These marriages are being entered directly from the microfilm copies of the marriages. They are transcribed by genealogy staff member Judy Fleming.

  • This database was updated on July 29, 2012 with books 1-9 (later part of 1914 through Oct 1917)
  • This database was updated in late October 2013 with books 10-34 (1917-Dec 1920)

Historical Records Database (not online yet)

This is a database being worked on and will eventually contain:

  • The indexed material from our in-house database of Archives materials in Room 212
  • Vertical Files of Historical Material (merged with the Evelyn Jackson Collection)
  • An indexed set of materials housed in Room 211
  • Surname Vertical Files (merged with the Evelyn Jackson and Teresa Martin Klaiber Surname Collections).

Armco Negatives Index Cards

This set of Cards indexes the Armco Negative Collection. The cards will eventually contain all letter in the alphabet.

  • The cards index a set of negatives dating from the Early 1940’s through 1979.
  • The Collection contains negatives from the early 1940’s through the mid-1980’s.
  • The Collection documents accidents, events, city, and operations throughout the Ashland Plant.

To use this collection search our library catalog, and search for “Armco Negatives”.

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