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By Barb Biggs, BCPL Branch Manager

At Boyd County Public Library, we’ve got game.  Or, games, I should say – and lots of them!

You may think that this sounds absurd.  Games?  At the library? However, we are gaming, and we are gaming proudly.  At the Kyova Branch, we have a large screen television and an Xbox One Kinect.  We have plenty of games to play while you’re hanging out at the library and plenty to checkout.  In fact, a librarian or two have been known to sneak in and “Dance Dance” with patrons.  That’s always good for a laugh.  The gaming equipment is located in the Teen Area, where there are comfy chairs and books to browse while you wait for your turn to play Madden NFL 25.

At Catlettsburg, we have a new PS4, and we love to show it off to our patrons.  It’s in the Meeting Room, which is wired with surround sound.  You might as well be playing at the Staples Center!

While you may initially think that video games will encourage kids to be couch potatoes, there are some real benefits to gaming, and they are benefits that libraries can get behind.  A Forbes Magazine article declared that gaming helped people to acquire greater problem solving skills, and those in the military and medical field are using video games as intensive training agents.  There is also the opportunity to meet people that share your interests, and talking about video games can often lead people to discuss highly complex strategies and take part in complicated analysis.  I think that’s a win!

BCPL can also help translate your love of games into a love for reading.  We have books based on popular games, like World of Warcraft, Gears of War, and Halo.  In fact, according to a story on NPR, libraries that circulate games have a 15-20% higher checkout rate than libraries that don’t.  And really, that’s what we want to do: bring you in, help you find whatever it is that interests you, and then help you check it out.  Libraries have always been a place to find new and exciting worlds.  Let BCPL help you find your pathway to adventure!



Debbie Cosper

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Director of Boyd County Public Library since August 2003. I have the best job in the world and hope people love The Library as much as I do.

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