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By Jamie Bayne, BCPL information services supervisor

It’s October, a time for creepy, crawly, spooky things to emerge … and for the newest classroom from! The online tutoring service available to all Boyd County Public Library has some great new features designed to make your studying, homework and test preparation all the more easier and useful.

Here at the Library, we want to help take the fear out of your school work. So, as a special treat– we’re giving away candy bars to those who use the service the last two weeks of October (more on that at the end). is an online service provided by Boyd County Public Library (and many other libraries nationwide) that connects students with a real, live tutor. Each student works one-on-one with their tutor and gets a specialized learning environment suited to their own needs. Tutors do not provide answers to the student’s homework; instead they focus on finding the best way to help the student better understand the concepts behind the question. Several methods may be used to achieve this goal of understanding, including providing demonstrations, using guided questions to help the student think through the problem, discussing the concepts behind the question, observing the student’s methodology and providing feedback and offering additional opportunities for practice. The newest classroom, released this fall, works with any smartphone, tablet, computer or other device that lets you access the internet. No downloads or special software is required.

Tutors work with students from K-12, beginning college courses and even adults in the workplace. Tutors are provided in math, science, social studies and English. Students will find a new feature later this month – a specialized Test Center help to get one-on-one training and tips for exams such as the SAT and the ACT. You can get help in more than 60 testing areas.

There’s also the new Write Tutor Center, where experts provide help on reports, essays and papers.

Tutors are professors, graduate assistants, teachers and professionals in the educational field. All tutors are based in the U.S. or Canada and undergo a seven-year state and Federal background check. Bilingual Spanish tutors are also available. More than 2,500 accredited tutors are employed and are available seven days a week from 2 to 11 p.m. is closed on New Years Day; Independence Day; Thanksgiving; and Christmas. allows students to create a unique account that will keep track of their sessions for them. They can easily access previous sessions and even request previous tutors that they’ve already worked with! should always be accessed via the Library’s website: You will be asked to input your Library card number (14 digits, no spaces, located on the back of the card) to use the service. Once logged in, you are free to start a tutoring session, create a unique username and password, or use the SkillsCenter (available 24/7). In the SkillsCenter you’ll find all different types of study tools, including fun things like flash cards for many different subjects, practice tests and worksheets, helpful websites and even instructional videos that demonstrate how to solve math problems.

Adults can use the service too! Looking to reenter the job market and feel like your resume is a little blasé? help you improve your resume – and very quickly. Just upload your resume and a tutor will review it and email it back to you with suggestions within 24 hours.

BCPL is running a special promotion from Oct. 15 to 31. Any student who brings in proof of a tutoring session (this can be a print out of your session, or simply showing it to us on your device) will receive a free full-size candy bar. Also, if you post a screenshot of your session on the library’s Instagram page (thebookplace), you will be entered into a drawing for a whole bag of candy!

Just bring your tutoring session into any branch and show it to the staff at the front desk, or at the reference desk at the Main Branch. It’s our way of giving you a treat this Halloween season for trying one of our favorite study tricks –!


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