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By Jamie Bayne, BCPL information services supervisor

At Boyd County Public Library we always strive to serve the needs of our community. Whether that need is a Blu-Ray to take home and watch, a good book to curl up with, a basketball to play with in the Park, or an eBook on your Kindle – whatever we can help with, we do.

This year we decided to tackle one of the needs of our teen community – preparing for the ACT, an assessment exam high school students must take if they want to attend any type of continuing education (trade, community college, university or other). Every year our high school juniors gear up for this exam and this year the Library is trying to help.

The Library is offering ACT Exam Crams during the months of January, February and the first part of March. The Exam Crams give students a quiet place to study with ample resources and peer guidance – plus the Library provides a meal!  Each session is two hours long.exam cram 011114_studying

Students can use numerous exam books to take practice tests, watch specialty videos designed to improve their study and test taking skills, or even work on the computer with practice exams. Library employees are on hand to help guide the students’ studies.

After last year’s pilot ACT Exam Cram, students were so enthusiastic that we knew we had to expand the program this year. One young man told us as he was leaving, “I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to come – my mom made me. But I’m so glad I did! I wish you were doing more of these!” Well, we listened!

Some students said their friends told them what a big help it was and how they should try it. Thanks for the word-of-mouth marketing help!

The remaining Exam Cram sessions at the Main Branch in Ashland are on Saturday, Feb. 8, and Saturday, March 1, from 10 a.m. to noon (breakfast will be served!). There is also one more session at the Kyova Branch, located in the Kyova Mall across from Elder-Beerman, on Saturday, Feb. 15, from noon to 2 p.m. (lunch will be served). The statewide exam cram for high school juniors is on March 8. Good luck!!

A library card is not needed to attend Exam Cram, but one is required if you want to checkout the resources and take them home for further study.  All exam materials are current and provide up-to-date information on the ACT and how it is administered and scored.  Self-guided study, peer interaction groups, or video instruction ensure that all types of learners find resources to help them succeed.

Our online resources can be accessed from any computer, as long as you have a BCPL card.  Learning Express Library provides more than 40 practice ACT tests. They are modeled directly after the ACT and are timed and graded.  Students can review the questions they miss and get explanations for the correct answers. is available everyday (weekends too!) from 2 to 11 p.m., and is a way to study for the exam with a live one-on-one tutor.  All sessions are anonymous so students need not feel embarrassed about asking for assistance. also provides live one-on-one tutoring help in math, social studies, English and science, for students in kindergarten through college. To access these and other online resources visit

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