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By Ben Nunley, BCPL Circulation Supervisor

If you’ve visited Boyd County Public Library lately – and we hope you have! – you’ve likely seen the bright yellow and purple signs out front spotlighting our Checkout Your Community partners. And, if you’ve been in the library this summer on a Monday, you’ve seen staff in their bright yellow T-shirts promoting Checkout Your Community.

Or, maybe you’ve spotted one of our signs at our inaugural partners’ place of business; Ashland Fire and Police departments, Highlands Museum & Discovery Center, Ashland Tennis Center, Ashland Parks and Recreation/Dawson Pool, Ashland Area YMCA, Kyova Tri-State Mall or Neon Links.

Checkout Your Community is an initiative in which BCPL partners with other community groups and businesses to offer a collection of items and experiences for library patrons to checkout and sample. As we quickly approaching the two-month mark, I wanted to take this opportunity to give you an update, and give you a heads up on things to come.

The collection has been very popular – every item has checked out at least once since the July 1 launch.The most popular items have had many holds placed on them, naturally. You can easily place a hold on any item at our online catalog.

We’ve enjoyed patrons’ surprised reactions when they learn what’s available for checkout; “Wow,” “Cool” and “Are you serious?” are the most common phrases. And the stories they’ve shared have been awesome, too. Like the one about a boy and his grandfather who tried out bird watching for the first time by checking out a pair of binoculars, along with books on the subject. Or, about a seven-year old’s first fishing trip where he caught his first fish with a fishing rod he checked out from BCPL. Families have checked out tennis rackets and other sports equipment so they can play together in Central Park. The stories just keep coming in and we enjoy hearing them. So, please keep sharing.

So … how about new stuff? The Catlettsburg Police/Fire Department joins us as our newest community partner and will soon be offering tours of their facilities for patrons to checkout. We also added another Ashland Area YMCA pass and three more Dawson Pool passes during August, and we are hoping to add beginner’s guitar and piano lessons in the near future.

On the equipment side of things, we just added two-way radios (walkie-talkies), adult and youth size metal detectors, and night-vision goggles. Yep, you can even checkout your community in the dark.

Debbie Cosper, our library director, recently took the goggles home, and reported that they were as equally creepy as they were cool. She is anxiously awaiting the addition of thermal imaging equipment so she can see what’s lurking in the woods behind her house. I think some things are probably better left unknown.

Speaking of the unknown, we plan on adding a ghost hunter’s kit for you paranormal investigators and any lonely ghosts who might be out there. Would you like to checkout the granddaddy of all communities – the universe? You can, with the telescope we’re planning on adding. The sky’s the limit!

So stop in and see what we have available, we’re always looking for ways to enhance our patron’s experiences and to offer them opportunities to explore and enjoy our community. If you are interested in more information on becoming a Checkout Your Community partner with Boyd County Public Library or if there is an item you would like to see offered for checkout in the collection, please contact me, Ben Nunley, at (606) 329-0518, ext.1210, send me an email at [email protected]


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