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Without a doubt, I have the best job ever. I get to be part of innovative ideas that offer so much to current library users and entice new users! If you’ve been in the library or read the paper in the past few month’s you have heard about the library’s new collection, “Checkout Your Community.” It’s a way to let BCPL card holders explore their community beyond the walls of the library, by checking out passes to loc

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al attractions and a variety of recreational equipment.

How did we come up with this, you might be wondering? A supervisor, who’d recently returned from a conference on the rewards of taking risks, was checking in a pass to the Highlands Museum & Discovery Center, which we’d started offering a few months before. He realized that there were many more “experiences” we could offer. He brought his idea into my office and before he left we were both grinning from ear to ear thinking about all the items we were about to add to the collection for people to take home and try.

So, imagine my delight when that same supervisor, Ben Nunley, recently suggested adding night vision goggles to the Checkout Your Community collection. “This way patrons can check out their community at night!,” was the phrase he used to sell me on the idea. (Actually he had me at “how about adding night vision goggles?”)

As soon as they were available I put myself on hold and checked them out. I couldn’t wait to get home. It was hard to patiently wait for the skies to darken, which in mid-August was about 9:30 p.m. But, finally, it was time. I turned out all the lights, took my goggles, and stepped onto the deck. I slipped the black goggles on my head, turned them on, and ran through all the adjustments.

Just like in the movies, everything turned eerily green. Bushes stood out as giant sentinels; the rose bushes made weird shapes; and the fence took on the look of a fortress. It took about 90 seconds for every scary, suspenseful movie I’d ever seen to pop into my head: the ones where the bad guy stalks the unsuspecting coed or the good guy gets attacked by some creature, all while looking through night vision goggles.

I just about scared myself silly. I whipped off the goggles to find myself completely in the dark. I immediately went back in the house, got my heart rate back to something near normal, and worked up enough courage to try them again, inside this time. That’s when every scene in a scary old house came into clear, green view. I was completely creeped out – but in a good way. I cannot wait to try the infrared goggles we’re adding next!

Your next adventure starts in your own back yard. Come to the library and try the goggles, or spend time on an outdoor tennis court, or go on a tour of the Catlettsburg fire and police stations, or even play a game of Frisbee golf.

Checkout Your Community on the shelves of the Boyd County Public Library.

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