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What does Boyd County Public Library have in common with supermarkets and discount department stores?

Well, not a whole lot, actually, except that the library now offers self-checkout to its patrons.

Four stations are up and running – three at the Main Branch, and one at Kyova.

The self-checkout system uses RFID tags – radio frequency identification – to track items. Library customers lay their books or movies on a black pad, and an electronic eye in the checkout station reads a radio frequency on a tiny antenna inside the book.

Of course, you need your library card to get started.

Self-checkout does not replace BCPL’s great staff and top-notch customer service, said Director Debbie Cosper, but it provides patrons with an option if they are in a hurry. It is a great way to avoid the line at the circulation desk during peak periods.

“And, more importantly, it frees up staff to provide even better one-on-one service,” Cosper added.

The system gives customers a receipt, with the due dates for the materials.

Self-checkout is also another way the library can protect the privacy of its patrons. No one but the patron needs to know what items are being checked out.

The stations also allow library patrons to check out materials in places they couldn’t before – the children’s room at Main, and at the entrance to the Reading Garden, for example.

“We would have had to add several more staff members to be able to offer checkout in these areas,” Cosper said. “Self-checkout offers great, cost-effective service without impacting current service levels.”

The self-checkout stations have a large monitor that easily and quickly takes you through the checkout process. However, if you should experience any difficulty using the machine, don’t hesitate to ask a member of our circulation staff. They will be more than happy to help you.

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