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Starting this month, BCPL card holders can now check out electronic books – and the device to read them on.

The Library has five Nook Colors, each loaded with a variety of book titles, available for checkout. Three of them contain best-selling fiction; one has non-fiction; and one has young adult titles.

E-books are shaking up the publishing world, as their popularity continues to increase. now consistently sells more Kindle e-books than print books. And big-time publishers, like Random House, say nearly a quarter of their revenue comes from digital sales.

BCPL has been offering free downloads of digital books through OverDrive for several years, and we plan to aggressively expand our digital offerings in the coming year. But now, for the first time, we are excited to be offering an e-Reader for checkout.

The Nook idea began as a way to meet the needs of BCPL patrons, primarily our older ones, who need a larger font, said Director Debbie Cosper. “Since the library is all about content, not format, an eReader was the way to go. Plus, we get the added benefit of lots more books in a fraction of the shelf space.”

Starting Friday, March 9, patrons can place a hold on a Nook Color through our online catalog. Just type Nook in the search bar, and choose fiction, non-fiction or young adult.

But who gets to be first? We are having a contest to see who gets that distinctive honor. Enter the drawing at any branch before closing time on Thursday, March 8, and you could be one of the lucky winners. Teens who attend either of our Nook Night programs in March (March 13 at Main, and March 15 at Kyova) can enter a drawing to be the first to check out the young adult Nook. A hold can also be placed on that one starting March 9.

A Nook can be checked out for 3 weeks, and there is no renewal. Only people with a current and valid BCPL card, and an account in good standing, can check one out. Children under 13 may not. A parent or guardian of a child between 13 and 17 may ahtorize that child to check one out.

Other Nook notes: An “eReader Borrowing Agreement” must be signed each time one is checked out; There is a $1 fine for each day an eReader is overdue; Nooks MAY NOT be placed in a library book drop (a borrower will be charged $10 if they do); If a Nook is damaged or lost while on loan, the borrower will repay BCPL the current market value of the device; Anyone who tampers with a Nook (downloading or deleting content) will be fined and/or lose borrowing privileges.

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