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March 20, 2012  
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Books & Authors is a resource that offers ways to explore the endless possibilities and combinations of books, authors and topics.

Books & Authors is specially designed to complement the browsing habits of today’s Web user, integrating easy-to-follow menus that allow users to broaden and narrow their searches according to author, title, series, awards and other criteria. An “if you like” search connects readers to themes and genres that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

At the same time, its meticulously edited database — developed by a team of genre experts – delivers up-to-date, reliable information not found in the random and unverified results of the Web.

It’s a “best of both worlds” arrangement that combines the depth of Gale expertise in literature with the Internet’s unique capacity to create, build and foster communities of readers.

Readers can use Books & Authors to enhance the experience of the book they are reading; dig deeper into its themes and origins; or learn how the author’s life and times contributed to the work.

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