Board Meetings and Minutes


The Board of Trustees meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 4:00 pm.  The location rotates through the branches at each meeting.  All meetings are open to the public.  Please contact the Library Director at (606) 329-0158, x1110 or [email protected] if you would like to address the board.

Upcoming Meetings

Boyd County Public Library Board of Trustees

June 24, 2020 Meeting


Meeting begins at 4 pm

1. Call to order

2. Public live viewing of meeting: Send comments to [email protected]

3. Approval of Agenda

4. Approval of Minutes

  • a. May 20, 2020

5. Financial Report

6. Featured Department

  • a. Postponed until July

7. Business

  • a. Library Closings for Fiscal Year 2020-2021
  • b. Contract for Midland Branch

8. Reports

  • a. Director

9. Discussion Items

  • a. Board Comments
  • b. Plans for reopening Catlettsburg and adding evening and weekend hours

10. Additional Items

  • a. Executive Session
  •      i.    …under KRS 61.810, Section One, Subsection f to discuss a personnel matter.

11. Adjourn



APRIL 22, 2020, 4:00 pm
Live Streamed via BCPL’s YouTube Channel

  1. 1. Call to order
  2. 2. Approval of Agenda
  3. 3. Approval of Minutes
  4. 4. Financial Report
  5. 5. Featured Department
  6. 6. Business
    1. a. Fee and Charges Amnesty
      1. i. Recommendation: That the board approve an amnesty on all fines and/or fees up through reopening
      2. ii. Findings:
        1. (1) There is a statewide initiative to provide amnesty to our communities by forgiving fine, fees, and charges on all materials for all users;
        2. (2) Both the Kentucky Public Library Association and Terry Manuel, State Library Commissioner at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, have endorsed this full amnesty of fines, fees, and charges.
        3. (3) The library would remove any charge or fee from initial charge through reopening;
        4. (4) The idea is to reduce worry and provide some financial relief at a time when our county needs it most;
        5. (5) It is important that the library help our users encounter as few barriers as possible as they seek to rebuild their lives;
        6. (6) With the current Curbside Pickup and large digital collections, the library has already provided basic services to our users;
        7. (7) When we reopen to the public, the library will play a critical role in the economic recovery of our citizens through support of job searching, resume writing, and learning new skills. 
        8. (8) However, there’s a cost to it
          1. (a) The library would be erasing debts owed to the library,
          2. (b) The reality is that we rarely recover the items, much less the fees, for lost items after about one year,
          3. (c) People who get in these types of binds generally just stop using our services and they are the ones who need our services the most;
        9. (9) By forgiving late fees, lost book costs, damaged charges, the library immediately becomes a ready and willing partner in the journey back to normal.
  7. 7. Director’s Report
  8. 8. Discussion Items
    1. (a) Board Comments
    2. (b) Budget FY 2020/2021
      1. i. Impact on Revenues
    3. (c) Library and Services during the current crises
      1. i. Curbside Pickup
      2. ii. Calls
      3. iii. Programming
      4. iv. Summer Reading Program
      5. v. Long term impact
    4. d. Midland Branch Update
  1. 9. Additional Items
  2. 10. Adjourn

2019 Meeting Dates and Location

  • January 16, Kyova
  • February 20, Main
  • March 6, Main Special Meeting
  • March 20, Main
  • April, 17, Catlettsburg
  • May 15, Main
  • June 19, Main
  • July 17 Kyova
  • August 16, Main
  • September 19, Main
  • October 16, Catlettsburg
  • November 20, Main
  • December 18, Main

Past Meeting Minutes





Click here for Annual and Financial Reports, including Budget, Audit, Annual Report, and Fiscal Court Reporting Form

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