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According to all the broken box office records, the entire US population has seen this movie in the theater at least 3 times. It pulled in a staggering $207 million the first weekend, and without the benefit of a holiday. That number changes the face of summer box office completely.

Critics are talking about this movie like it’s the rapture. For some, it probably is a religious experience. Click here for a collection of reviews. On the other side, you have a DC vs. Marvel geek war. Whenever The Avengers comes up you inevitably get comments from fans of Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise. They say that it doesn’t matter how much people like The Avengers because come July, The Dark Knight Rises will wipe the floor with the superhero mash-up.

I mean, it’s not like I don’t agree. The Dark Knight Rises will be massive, probably the most massive, but when did nerds start getting all Kanye West on other nerds? (In meek voice) But is it ok to like The Avengers too? Even if it’s not by Christopher Nolan?

Marvel Studios intention to bring all of the early Marvel comic icons together began with The Hulk in 2003. Marvel has been building this house for YEARS. And they have a lot invested in it. This movie could have been a mess. It could have had too much happening, too much stuff blowing up, too many characters to follow. The director, Joss Whedon, has only ever directed culty stuff that doesn’t really click with the mainstream. Yet Marvel entrusted him with an expensive flagship property that doesn’t get much more mainstream, and HE. KILLED. IT!! He is absolutely the perfect person to head an undertaking such as this. He’s frugal, clever, witty, creative, and simply brilliant. I’ve always been a Joss Whedon fan! I had absolute confidence in this movie when I heard he was writing and directing it. C’mon, he has his own Whedonverse.

“Better clench up, Legolas!” The first time I saw The Avengers, I nearly lost my mind over this line. There are so many great lines. I could totally geek out about the lines. I’m seriously into Tony Stark. “Shakespeare in the park?”; “Capsicle”; and of course “That man is playing Galaga! Thought we wouldn’t notice. But we did.” are some of my favs. I also really love when Stark pokes Dr. Banner to see if he can make him Hulk out. I mean, it doesn’t even seem like Robert Downey Jr is trying.  Because it’s a lot of RDJ being sexy and snarky as Stark, mouthing off to everyone in the group, and picking on boring Boy Scout Captain America. Would have liked to have seen, at some point, Cap shut down Stark with, “Yeah well I used to party with your dad, so go get me a beer, Junior.”

Can we talk about Loki for a minute? Tom Hiddleston is talented, smart, handsome (not necessarily with that Loki hair though), and he is a HUGE dork. I love dorks. Hiddleston’s dorkiness is endearing. I’m sure the guy has an ego tucked away somewhere. Have you seen the pictures of him with the cute kid that happened across the Central Park set last year?  You can read the whole story here (Chris Evans comes off really well, too). Loki is my favorite big bad right now. He almost makes you want him to win. It’s his conviction, that smirk that’s says he’s got this situation on lock. And he would have got away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling heroes and their Hulk. I’m glad he went to Norse God prison so (fingers crossed) he can stage a break out in the next movie.

What I wanted from The Avengers was more than just special effects and explosions. And what happens is that all of that becomes the background and everything else that’s great makes the movie, including the chemistry between the cast members, particularly RDJ and Mark Ruffalo. All I can say, in short, is that The Avengers is super fun, that I had a great time seeing it, that I was so happy after seeing it, and that I cannot wait to see it again.

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