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This is an interesting article on ebook use.  Yes, BCPL offers ebooks (46,000 of them) and, yes, there are often long wait times.  But we are working to alleviate that by committing 11% of the materials budget to this format.  Do you read e-books from the library?  Why or why not?  We’d like to hear your comments on this subject.

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Libraries and e-books “Does your local library offer e-books for loan? It might. But if you aren’t sure, you aren’t alone: According to a report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 12% of e-book readers have actually borrowed an e-book from their local library. Why the low percentage given the popularity* of digital readers? The likely answer is that the service is relatively unknown: “Approximately, 75% of US libraries lend e-books but 62% said they did not know if their library offered that service. Some 22% say they know that their library does lend out e-books, and 14% say they know their library does not lend out e-books.” There are also issues with compatibility—not all e-books work across all devices. Titles may not be available and there may be long wait lists. These factors may contribute to the larger tendency to purchase e-books, but the nature of e-readers themselves and the environment of e-reading may also encourage different sorts of behaviors. Let’s start with the last book you read: How did you find it? Of the readers surveyed, recommendations from family members, friends, or co-workers topped the list (64%), followed closely by recommendations from online sources (28%), and recommendations from bookstore staff (23%). Only 19% reported getting recommendations from libraries or library websites.”

Scientific American. July 29, 2012.


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