1940 Census Index available now!

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The index is complete, come take a look!

Remember when you were at a park and saw the sign “you must be this tall…?”  Well, you must be this old (72 years or older) to find yourself in this census.  After its’ closure for 72 years it’s finally released to the public.  The census is taken every 10 years and kept private for 72 years (average lifespan when the law was enacted).  You can only browse right now but soon you’ll be able to search by name and many other criteria.

Find yourself as a baby or even your parents or grandparents.  Plently of things in there to peek your interest.  Want to know how much they made a year?  How much schoolin’ your grandparents had, where they were living in 1935?  34 questions asked about each person and some were asked up to 50 questions.

Take the link from our genealogy database page and find out!


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