100 Unforgettable dresses, 1 unforgettable book.

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“100 Unforgettable Dresses” by Hal Rubenstein (call number: 391.2 RUBEN)  is a recent new addition to our non-fiction collection that I had to check out was the moment I saw it! This is the sort of book I would normally pick up just to flip through and look at the pictures, (although I tell my family that I am doing “research” for future sewing projects. *wink*) and I didn’t really expect more from this book than pretty picture of pretty dresses.

I was wrong, and happily so! I read this book cover to cover over the course of two evenings. Not only are there plenty of great pictures, but the author has included the stories behind each of the dresses, why and how they became so “unforgettable” and awesome insights on how they were made. (Ever wonder why Rita Hayworth’s strapless dress in “Gilda” stays put so well, but they never do in real life, or even on Hollywood red-carpets? The answer is in here!)

So if you like clothes, history, sewing or just looking at pretty pictures, check out this book and I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!  And be sure to take a look at the rest of the librarys fashion and costuming books, we’ve got some fun choices both in non-fiction and in reference. (“The Story of Underwear” anyone? [ R391.42 COLE ] ;] )

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